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  • I'm a Millennial, but I'm NOT...
    by [email protected] on April 23, 2019 at 3:08 PM
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    'm not your average millennial... and that's okay. Subscribe to me at ! We will not condone to your stereotypes, although some of them are correct. An entire generation is being targeted, and I shall speak on of their behalf's... Millennials are considered to have been born anywhere from 1977 to 2004 based on the source, but 1982-1999 are the most common base years. Add me on facebook! Send me a message saying you're from YouTube! Script: Hey Guys, My Name is Jaimee and I am considered a Millennial. I was born in the year 1995. I?m a Millennial, but I?m not Vegan. I?m a Millennial but I?m not a Hipster. I?m a Millennial but I do not want a Caramel Macchiato, Venti, Skim, Extra Shot, Extra-Hot, Extra-Whip, Sugar-Free and Gluten-free coffee from Starbucks. I am a Millennial but I do not listen to ?Crappy Music?. I?m a Millennial and I don?t wear tee-shirts that have rock bands that I?ve never listened to before. I?m a Millennial but I do not have a child. I?m a Millennial but I am not Married. I?m a Millennial but I am not Spoiled. I?m a Millennial but I?m not Entitled. I?m a Millennial but I am not Lazy. I?m a Millennial but I don?t have a Drug or Alcohol Problem. I?m a Millennial but I don?t have a problem with Authority. I?m a Millennial but I don?t put Avocados on everything. I?m a Millennial and I don?t Text all the time. I may be a Millennial but I do not want a participation trophy. I?m a Millennial but I don?t have 20 tattoos. I?m a Millennial that doesn?t Vape. I?m a Millennial but I do not Instagram my food. I?m a Millennial and I don?t have colored hair. I?m a Millennial but I don?t use SnapChat. I?m a Millennial but I don?t play Videogames. I?m a Millennial but I know how to use proper spelling and grammar. I?m a Millennial but I don?t use text lingo. I?m a Millennial but I?m not Anti-Church. I?m a Millennial that isn?t tired all the time. I?m a Millennial that isn?t in tremendous debt. I?m a Millennial but I?m not horny all the time. I?m a Millennial and I don?t eat Tide Pods. I?m a Millennial but I don?t go to the mall to hang out. I?m a Millennial that has only been to 1 concert and no festivals. I?m a Millennial that doesn?t watch Football. I?m a Millennial that doesn?t watch Porn. I?m a Millennial, and I do not do One-Night Hookups. I?m a Millennial that doesn?t wear shorts and flip flops in the summer. I?m a Millennial that doesn?t use text lingo in real life. (Like lit or totz) I may be a Millennial but I do not disrespect my elders. I?m a Millennial that doesn?t watch or like Adult Cartoons. I?m a Millennial and I don?t believe that the world owes me anything. I?m a Millennial that doesn?t follow pop culture. However, I?m a Millennial that believes in Safe Spaces. I am a Millennial that is not a Snowflake. I?m a ***-****** Blizzard! I am a Millennial that is LGBT. I?m a Millennial that still lives at home. I?m a Millennial that takes a lot of Selfies. I?m a Millennial that works in Retail. I?m a Millennial that takes Prescription Medicine. I?m a Millennial that is a Feminist. I?m a Millennial that?s on Facebook. So, you?re thinking? What?s the point of all of this? The Point Is To Stop Hating On My Generation And for now, my name is Jaimee. Keep it Casual!

  • VAN HALEN Song Titles Made Into A Story!...
    by [email protected] on April 23, 2019 at 3:04 PM
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    Putting a story to EVERY song title from the beginning to the end of the Van Hagar era. Script: At first, I was “Runnin' With The Devil”, before I *Erupted*, and “You Really Got Me Now”, and I “Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love”, No not at all, “I'm The One” that got “Jamie Cryin'”. Now, this “Atomic Punk” came around and “Felt Your Love” tonight over and over again. I was a “Little Dreamer” that night, and just around 11:00, and On Fire, I told him, "Baby, You're No Good." I “Danced The Night Away” that night until the morning came again, I woke up and I screamed, "Somebody Get Me A Doctor!" The Paramedic said to me, "Bottom’s Up! off the ground!" They told me that I would be “Outta Love Again”, and that I couldn't “Light Up The Sky” with my lighter at night. I was somewhere in New Mexico, my hometown. I looked up and saw this fly buzzing around. I said to it, *Spanish Fly*, Git, Git!" I wasn't sure if I even wanted to be “Dead or Alive”. It was at this point when I started to think about “Women In Love”. It turned me on! “Beautiful Girls” were “Rocking The Cradle”. So, I got up, and I combed my hair with my fingers, and I thought, ‘I want some, hell, “Everybody Wants Some!" I must have been one of those “Fools” that just had that old Romeo and Juliet Mindset. *Romeo, What A Delight*, I thought, I wish I was Romeo. I was sidetracked for a little bit, and I thought, I'm Jewish, Am I following the *Tora!*? I had a “Loss Of Control”. I couldn't “Take My Whiskey Home”. I was in my bed thinking, “Could this be Magic?” My life that is? I started counting sheep “In A Simple Rhyme”. I fell asleep. So, months later, I was just walking around and I come across this “Mean Street” That I had ever been on. I could smell the teenagers, who were watching *Dirty Movies* “The greatest thing you’ve ever seen” in their parents' house. A Rabbi was going door to door, he was leaving fliers that said, “Sinner's Swing!” “Hear About it Later”, or Now! I “Unchained” the fence in someone's yard and this guy, 6'7 comes and a “Push Comes to Shove”. And I thought, “So This Love?” I mean, humans.Nothing was like a *Sunday Afternoon In The Park* anymore. I only had “One Foot Out The Door” when I broke down and fell to my knees. I asked, “Where Have All The Good Times Gone?” I thought about hanging 'em, my hand that is, “Hang 'em High”, and so I went down to the *Cathedral*, nobody was there in the sanctuary, and I told God “Secrets” that I had been keeping from everywhere else. I hadn't gone to church really except for Easter and Christmas, and that was just since my birth, that’s my family thing. We never went to church, and because of that, I just thought that I was a *Intruder*. I was just thinking about the “(Oh) Pretty Women” and just how we wanted to be “Dancing in the Street”. She wanted me to play my “Little Guitars” for her in my basement with all my amps and music. I felt like she was the one. I must have been “Big Bad Bill Is Sweet William Now”, Now. I squashed that *Full Bug*. “Happy Trails” by Roy Orbison started playing on the radio, and I loved him dearly. I was born in *1984*, and on my 30th birthday, I just remember, I remember that I was *Jump* “Jumped, Jumped” I got on a plane and I was headed towards “Panama”. And then my Best friend Jimmy was there to welcome me. I called him “Top Jimmy”. He handed me a cigarette and we both collapsed on these amazing recliner chairs. “Drop Dead Legs”. We talked about our crushes in the past, and who we considered our “I Hot for Teacher”. Mine was Mrs. Jacobson from 7th grade, I was 12 years old. “I'll Wait” to graduate, maybe me and her could date but she left school before I could graduate and she became a “Girl Gone Bad”, an escort, if you will. And so, my house became a “House Of Pain”. I just wasn't Good Enough for her. She was in her 40s or 50s by this point. “Why Can't This Be Love”,I thought, over and over again. Jimmy says to me, C'mon man, “Get Up!" My “Dreams” weren't just “Dreams” anymore, So I spent the rest of my “Summer Nights” just trying to find a way to get the “Best of Both Worlds”. She “Came Walking In” just at the local bar. She’s drunk, she got her bra slipping over her shoulder, and I thought, That's not her. She might be a little crazy, a little *5150*. They locked her “Inside” one of those nuthouses. She could be “Mine All Mine”, but do you know what they say about “When It's Love”? They say that you’re “Naturally Wired”. ... The rest of the script was too long to contain in the limited description space. Please be sure to subscribe if you enjoyed this video, and PLEASE share this video if you are a Van Halen fan! Keep It Casual!

    by [email protected] on April 23, 2019 at 2:57 PM
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    CREATING AND EATING A MONSTER SANDWICH WITH: Beef Jerky, Cream Cheese, Potato Chips, Pickles, Pizza, Hot Sauce, Chicken, Chocolate Syrup, Ice Cream, and Mashed Potatoes My channel: This was a dare left by Joel (Sk8joel567). This is his channel: Script: Hey Guys! Jaimee here! When I was in High School, when I was a Senior in High School, I uploaded a video March 2nd, 2013. (flashback) But I wanted to make a video today, to make you put something else in the comments section. Today, it’s going to be me, asking you, the viewer of this video, to put some dares down in the comments section below for me to do in a future video! I will be doing the dares as long as it is not cutting my hair or stripping for you, okay? (flashback) So it’s been almost 5 years! Wow! The video that I uploaded was about a minute long and it had about a hundred fifty comments on it, about half of them were of me replying to them. I looked through the comments section a little while ago and I came across a comment left by a good friend actually, that I’ve known for some time! He has about twenty thousand subscribers on YouTube for skateboarding, he’s one of the bigger guys on YouTube. I’m glad to have him as a friend. Now, he dared me to make this sandwich, Oh My God, with all these different things on it that shouldn’t be on a sandwich. “i dare you to make a sandvich with beef jerky, cream cheese, potato chips, pickles, pizza, hot sauce, chicken, chocolate syrup, and ice cream... oh and some uh.. i actually forget... drink some orange juice… mash potatoes!!!” Okay! Time to eat it! The entire thing… or your money back! Let’s devour this beast! But first I am going to move the camera. See you in about two seconds *snaps fingers* Okay, here goes nothing! 3, 2, 1… Ugh, keep falling pickel . So bad, not wrong. Textures… They’re so different, you can taste them, you can taste each flavor! Sometimes, you can’t! This is a LOT better than I thought it’d be! A lot better! This is really good, actually! Oh! The ice cream is a nice touch! It’s a literal ice cream sandwich! Ice Cream LT… Without the lettuce or tomato. Oh, that was the jerky, kinda rough. I actually recommend this. I’ll put it in the description how I made it. Sure is filling. I’ll have to eat the rest of the food, got pickles, rest of the ice cream, and beef jerky. Mmm Mmm Mmm. Falling apart. Ugh. Ugh. Shoulda brought a napkin. Thank you, Joel. Finally got back to it, huh. I’ll put the link to your profile in the description as well, links to a few videos of yours, and some of your viewers will be able to see this. Now, do not, I repeat, do not buy Tide Pods, Okay? This is a challenge that is the road to the psych ward and the emergency room. So, that little challenge aint gonna be be with you. I am so glad that it’s not my generation that is doing it, it’s the next generation, whatever they’re called, whatever is past millennial up to 2018. So it’s probably 2000-2018 would be a generation that will be named in like 10 years. Wow. Every finger has a different taste. (burps) Excuse me. Had to use taco sauce instead of hot sauce cause I can’t stand hot sauce, and we don’t have any in the house and I thought we did. When I was making this video, I thought we had some. I’m gonna finish this up. (burps) Woah! I thought I was gonna have lunch after this! I guess this was it. Okay, so, that’s done. Gotta eat some more, but… This is what I’m calling the SIC Sandwich. S, I, C. Once again, his channel and some of his videos will be in the description below. His name is SkaterJoel8 I believe, (It’s actually Sk8rjoel567) that’s what it what it used to be and now it’s just Joel Siciliano or something like that. Sorry if I got it wrong, I think it’s an Italian name. So, I wouldn’t want to name a sandwich after a sandwich name if that- if you understand what I mean. So with that, I’m gonna see you guys soon, for now. My name is Jaimee. Keep it Casual! I managed to get nothing in my hair, not even ice cream. How did that happen with this kind of hair and that messy of a sandwich? It happens to me regularly, but not when I’m doing a video (on a sandwich) with a whole bunch of grody things on it. The S.I.C Sandwich. Buy bye. Keep It Casual!

    by [email protected] on April 23, 2019 at 2:53 PM
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    These are how I am going to do every video from now on! If you enjoyed the video, be sure to subscribe and tell your friends about me!

    by [email protected] on April 23, 2019 at 2:50 PM
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    Welcome, all Back to the Future lovers! Even if you've only seen the series ONCE, this video is worth your watch, despite being lengthy. I show my ENTIRE Back to the Future collection in a proper manner than when I did on my YouTube anniversary video in April of last year! Back to the Future fans, rejoice! Keep It Casual!

    by [email protected] on April 23, 2019 at 2:47 PM
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    Not enough time Not enough sleep Not enough food Not warm enough Not enough vacation time Not enough gas Not enough clothes Not enough family support Not enough data Not enough support Not tall enough Not good enough Not rich enough Not enough friends Not enough books Not enough video games Not enough childhood memories Not strong enough Not manly enough Not enough tattoos Not enough liquor Not fit enough Not enough hair Not enough schooling Not enough God Not enough laughing Not enough choices to choose from Not enough sparkles Not enough love Not poor enough for help Not old enough Not enough family left Not good enough of a diet Not enough light Not secluded enough Not enough shoes Not enough fashion sense Not enough trophies Not enough pets Not enough musical skills Not a big enough house Not creative enough Not enough land Not nice enough Not professional enough Not white enough teeth Not tech-savvy enough Not enough power Not enough time in office Not tan enough Not enough salt Not fast enough Not enough tv channels Not enough girlfriends Not enough piercings Not good enough eyesight Not enough car’s Not enough jewelry Not enough cigarettes Not enough financial help Not enough street skills Not enough hours at work Not enough natural talent Not enough custody time Not enough family time Not enough access to information Not enough extra hands Not enough sugar Not enough sex Not enough clean clothes Not enough medicine Not enough signatures Not enough A’s Not enough kills on video games Not enough patience Not enough plastic surgery Not enough beds Not enough jail time Not enough Holocaust Survivors Not enough compliments Not enough clean water Not enough brains in Washington D.C. Not enough into the future Not enough decent people Not enough internet challenges Not enough natural disasters Not enough local energy Not enough hugs and kisses Not enough privacy Not enough soldiers Not enough rights Not enough discipline Not tall enough Not enough respect Not enough hair color Not enough shrinks Not enough dreams Not enough smiling Not enough hard work Not enough in the world to make you not worry.

    by [email protected] on April 23, 2019 at 2:45 PM
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    I've dealt with Depression, Anxiety, and a few others to name, and so when I watched Logan Paul's video, I was able to directly connect to the opposite viewpoint that most people never see, as the dead person. (and are lucky not to). It's a sensitive topic, but for someone who has survived suicide a few times, it hit right at home for me. He is youtube scum, and I apologize if my views don't match yours. So Logan Paul, enjoy your downfall.

    by [email protected] on April 23, 2019 at 2:42 PM
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    7 years of taking selfies, I was 15 years old, now I'm 22. I included a 1-year selfie a day project, stills from past videos, and some of my personal favorite photos of... well, me. I plan to continue doing these videos every year, adding on selfies from the previous year on new years day! Expect another one on New Years Day 2020 or 2021, Which would be 9 or 10 years of selfies! This video proves that selfies aren't just a sickness that the younger generation was thrown into, but an art!

    by [email protected] on April 23, 2019 at 2:40 PM
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    The famous singer-songwriter John Mellencamp is considered my 6th cousin 1x removed from my grandmother's grandfathers side, the "Wood"s Watch to see how. I just wanted to say hi to you, John, and that I'm honored to be your cousin. So hi!

  • AFV- That 70's Show
    by [email protected] on April 23, 2019 at 2:37 PM
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    I compiled some of the best moments from the hit series 'That 70's Show' and filled in some of the gaps that are just downright hilarious. You'll watch it over and over! I OWN NO RIGHTS TO THIS CONTENT, I MERELY EDITED IT.

  • Coming Out as Transgender...
    by [email protected] on April 23, 2019 at 2:26 PM
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    I learned that I was transgender on July 3, 2015. Today, I tell you of my story. I can now make more youtube videos without feeling guilty about hiding something from the people I treasure most. My name is Jaimee Andrea Baumgardner, and I am as real as every woman out there. Try not to hate. I love my trans siblings.

  • Forrest Gump - Won't Get Fooled Again (T...
    by [email protected] on April 23, 2019 at 2:24 PM
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    Forrest Gump, Copyright 1994 Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who, Copyright 1971 COMBINED One of my favorite films and songs of all time condensed into 8 minutes! I own no rights to any of the material used. Lyrics to the song: We'll be fighting in the streets With our children at our feet And the morals that they worship will be gone And the men who spurred us on Sit in judgment of all wrong They decide and the shotgun sings the song I'll tip my hat to the new constitution Take a bow for the new revolution Smile and grin at the change all around Pick up my guitar and play Just like yesterday Then I'll get on my knees and pray We don't get fooled again The change, it had to come We knew it all along We were liberated from the fold, that's all And the world looks just the same And history ain't changed 'Cause the banners, they are flown in the next war I'll tip my hat to the new constitution Take a bow for the new revolution Smile and grin at the change all around Pick up my guitar and play Just like yesterday Then I'll get on my knees and pray We don't get fooled again No, no! I'll move myself and my family aside If we happen to be left half alive I'll get all my papers and smile at the sky Though I know that the hypnotized never lie Do ya? There's nothing in the streets Looks any different to me And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye And the parting on the left Are now parting on the right And the beards have all grown longer overnight I'll tip my hat to the new constitution Take a bow for the new revolution Smile and grin at the change all around Pick up my guitar and play Just like yesterday Then I'll get on my knees and pray We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Meet the new boss Same as the old boss

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