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CREATING AND EATING A MONSTER SANDWICH WITH: Beef Jerky, Cream Cheese, Potato Chips, Pickles, Pizza, Hot Sauce, Chicken, Chocolate Syrup, Ice Cream, and Mashed Potatoes My channel: This was a dare left by Joel (Sk8joel567). This is his channel: Script: Hey Guys! Jaimee here! When I was in High School, when I was a Senior in High School, I uploaded a video March 2nd, 2013. (flashback) But I wanted to make a video today, to make you put something else in the comments section. Today, it’s going to be me, asking you, the viewer of this video, to put some dares down in the comments section below for me to do in a future video! I will be doing the dares as long as it is not cutting my hair or stripping for you, okay? (flashback) So it’s been almost 5 years! Wow! The video that I uploaded was about a minute long and it had about a hundred fifty comments on it, about half of them were of me replying to them. I looked through the comments section a little while ago and I came across a comment left by a good friend actually, that I’ve known for some time! He has about twenty thousand subscribers on YouTube for skateboarding, he’s one of the bigger guys on YouTube. I’m glad to have him as a friend. Now, he dared me to make this sandwich, Oh My God, with all these different things on it that shouldn’t be on a sandwich. “i dare you to make a sandvich with beef jerky, cream cheese, potato chips, pickles, pizza, hot sauce, chicken, chocolate syrup, and ice cream... oh and some uh.. i actually forget... drink some orange juice… mash potatoes!!!” Okay! Time to eat it! The entire thing… or your money back! Let’s devour this beast! But first I am going to move the camera. See you in about two seconds *snaps fingers* Okay, here goes nothing! 3, 2, 1… Ugh, keep falling pickel . So bad, not wrong. Textures… They’re so different, you can taste them, you can taste each flavor! Sometimes, you can’t! This is a LOT better than I thought it’d be! A lot better! This is really good, actually! Oh! The ice cream is a nice touch! It’s a literal ice cream sandwich! Ice Cream LT… Without the lettuce or tomato. Oh, that was the jerky, kinda rough. I actually recommend this. I’ll put it in the description how I made it. Sure is filling. I’ll have to eat the rest of the food, got pickles, rest of the ice cream, and beef jerky. Mmm Mmm Mmm. Falling apart. Ugh. Ugh. Shoulda brought a napkin. Thank you, Joel. Finally got back to it, huh. I’ll put the link to your profile in the description as well, links to a few videos of yours, and some of your viewers will be able to see this. Now, do not, I repeat, do not buy Tide Pods, Okay? This is a challenge that is the road to the psych ward and the emergency room. So, that little challenge aint gonna be be with you. I am so glad that it’s not my generation that is doing it, it’s the next generation, whatever they’re called, whatever is past millennial up to 2018. So it’s probably 2000-2018 would be a generation that will be named in like 10 years. Wow. Every finger has a different taste. (burps) Excuse me. Had to use taco sauce instead of hot sauce cause I can’t stand hot sauce, and we don’t have any in the house and I thought we did. When I was making this video, I thought we had some. I’m gonna finish this up. (burps) Woah! I thought I was gonna have lunch after this! I guess this was it. Okay, so, that’s done. Gotta eat some more, but… This is what I’m calling the SIC Sandwich. S, I, C. Once again, his channel and some of his videos will be in the description below. His name is SkaterJoel8 I believe, (It’s actually Sk8rjoel567) that’s what it what it used to be and now it’s just Joel Siciliano or something like that. Sorry if I got it wrong, I think it’s an Italian name. So, I wouldn’t want to name a sandwich after a sandwich name if that- if you understand what I mean. So with that, I’m gonna see you guys soon, for now. My name is Jaimee. Keep it Casual! I managed to get nothing in my hair, not even ice cream. How did that happen with this kind of hair and that messy of a sandwich? It happens to me regularly, but not when I’m doing a video (on a sandwich) with a whole bunch of grody things on it. The S.I.C Sandwich. Buy bye. Keep It Casual!

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