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VAN HALEN Song Titles Made Into A Story!

Putting a story to EVERY song title from the beginning to the end of the Van Hagar era. Script: At first, I was “Runnin' With The Devil”, before I *Erupted*, and “You Really Got Me Now”, and I “Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love”, No not at all, “I'm The One” that got “Jamie Cryin'”. Now, this “Atomic Punk” came around and “Felt Your Love” tonight over and over again. I was a “Little Dreamer” that night, and just around 11:00, and On Fire, I told him, "Baby, You're No Good." I “Danced The Night Away” that night until the morning came again, I woke up and I screamed, "Somebody Get Me A Doctor!" The Paramedic said to me, "Bottom’s Up! off the ground!" They told me that I would be “Outta Love Again”, and that I couldn't “Light Up The Sky” with my lighter at night. I was somewhere in New Mexico, my hometown. I looked up and saw this fly buzzing around. I said to it, *Spanish Fly*, Git, Git!" I wasn't sure if I even wanted to be “Dead or Alive”. It was at this point when I started to think about “Women In Love”. It turned me on! “Beautiful Girls” were “Rocking The Cradle”. So, I got up, and I combed my hair with my fingers, and I thought, ‘I want some, hell, “Everybody Wants Some!" I must have been one of those “Fools” that just had that old Romeo and Juliet Mindset. *Romeo, What A Delight*, I thought, I wish I was Romeo. I was sidetracked for a little bit, and I thought, I'm Jewish, Am I following the *Tora!*? I had a “Loss Of Control”. I couldn't “Take My Whiskey Home”. I was in my bed thinking, “Could this be Magic?” My life that is? I started counting sheep “In A Simple Rhyme”. I fell asleep. So, months later, I was just walking around and I come across this “Mean Street” That I had ever been on. I could smell the teenagers, who were watching *Dirty Movies* “The greatest thing you’ve ever seen” in their parents' house. A Rabbi was going door to door, he was leaving fliers that said, “Sinner's Swing!” “Hear About it Later”, or Now! I “Unchained” the fence in someone's yard and this guy, 6'7 comes and a “Push Comes to Shove”. And I thought, “So This Love?” I mean, humans.Nothing was like a *Sunday Afternoon In The Park* anymore. I only had “One Foot Out The Door” when I broke down and fell to my knees. I asked, “Where Have All The Good Times Gone?” I thought about hanging 'em, my hand that is, “Hang 'em High”, and so I went down to the *Cathedral*, nobody was there in the sanctuary, and I told God “Secrets” that I had been keeping from everywhere else. I hadn't gone to church really except for Easter and Christmas, and that was just since my birth, that’s my family thing. We never went to church, and because of that, I just thought that I was a *Intruder*. I was just thinking about the “(Oh) Pretty Women” and just how we wanted to be “Dancing in the Street”. She wanted me to play my “Little Guitars” for her in my basement with all my amps and music. I felt like she was the one. I must have been “Big Bad Bill Is Sweet William Now”, Now. I squashed that *Full Bug*. “Happy Trails” by Roy Orbison started playing on the radio, and I loved him dearly. I was born in *1984*, and on my 30th birthday, I just remember, I remember that I was *Jump* “Jumped, Jumped” I got on a plane and I was headed towards “Panama”. And then my Best friend Jimmy was there to welcome me. I called him “Top Jimmy”. He handed me a cigarette and we both collapsed on these amazing recliner chairs. “Drop Dead Legs”. We talked about our crushes in the past, and who we considered our “I Hot for Teacher”. Mine was Mrs. Jacobson from 7th grade, I was 12 years old. “I'll Wait” to graduate, maybe me and her could date but she left school before I could graduate and she became a “Girl Gone Bad”, an escort, if you will. And so, my house became a “House Of Pain”. I just wasn't Good Enough for her. She was in her 40s or 50s by this point. “Why Can't This Be Love”,I thought, over and over again. Jimmy says to me, C'mon man, “Get Up!" My “Dreams” weren't just “Dreams” anymore, So I spent the rest of my “Summer Nights” just trying to find a way to get the “Best of Both Worlds”. She “Came Walking In” just at the local bar. She’s drunk, she got her bra slipping over her shoulder, and I thought, That's not her. She might be a little crazy, a little *5150*. They locked her “Inside” one of those nuthouses. She could be “Mine All Mine”, but do you know what they say about “When It's Love”? They say that you’re “Naturally Wired”. ... The rest of the script was too long to contain in the limited description space. Please be sure to subscribe if you enjoyed this video, and PLEASE share this video if you are a Van Halen fan! Keep It Casual!

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