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I am Human, and in the very simplest of forms, that means that I Age, Bleed, Eat, Drink, Swallow, Sneeze, Itch, Sweat, Excrete, Taste, Cry, Smell, Yawn, Crack Joints, Get Acne, Get Sick, Puke, Hurl, or Honk, Spit, Sleep, Recover, Breathe, Have Opinions, Lie, Cheat, Learn, Hate, Love, Inspire, Cut, Go through stages, Read, Get Excited, Anxious, Nervous, Depressed, Worry, Shop, Spend, Run, Walk, Shower, Shove, Lift, Pull, Grab, Touch, Write, Draw, Shake, Rattle, Roll, Reach, Have Meaning, Annoy, Destroy, Am Angry, Promise, Let Down, Pour, Shout, Have my Good Days and my Bad Days, Litter, See, Kill, Breed, Shed, Listen, I’m Fragile, I Live and I Die, I get Aroused, I Grow and then I Shrink, I Invent, I Create, I Burp, I Fart, And I Pick my nose, I Take up all this space, And I Matter. I’m Human Just like 7.6 Billion other people. Or am I? Please SUBSCRIBE if you are a human who likes this video. Any disliker will be deemed as an alien. My name is Jaimee. Keep it Casual!

Posted by [email protected] on April 23, 2019 at 3:10 PM 23 Views

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