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AEROSMITH Song Titles Made Into A Story!

(EXPLICIT) EVERY song in EVERY album made by AEROSMITH from the 1970s to Present combined to make a story! Here is most of the script: My mom tells me that in order to Make It, You have to become Somebody, That you can’t just Dream On Because it’s not always a One Way Street And you always have your consider your Mama Kin, so at the very least you have to Write Me a Letter when you make enough to be Movin' Out. I still want you Walkin' the Dog when you come to visit me, that’s 3 times a month, Boy. Every week it’ll be the Same Old Song and Dance, and you’ll get used to it! When your world gets turned into the Lord of theThighs, Don’t you get way too Spaced out, You gotta act like you’re the Woman of the World and nothing else, and if you don’t, well that’s just S.O.S. (Too Bad) And you keep that Train Kept A-Rollin until it’s high time for the (fall) Seasons of Wither If you open Pandora's Box, you better hope that the only thing in there are your Toys in the Attic. Uncle Salty stopped by the other day, your mother yelled for you and told you, She (Adam's Apple) Ate it. She said, down the hall Walk This Way, and to the right. It was no secret that he was packing and that he had a (Whip out your) Big Ten Inch Record. Lots of Sweet Emotion, through screams and groaning. And for the first time that day, She said, No More No More. He wasn’t done though, he just swung it Round and Round She broke down You See Me Crying Because he was Back in the Saddle. The Last Child to leave the coop, His mom was confined to the upstairs because of the Rats in the Cellar, She was (one step away) a Combination Of feeling as Sick as a Dog It was Nobody's Fault, Just a legit excuse to Get the Lead Out. I promised a Lick and a Promise from the dog and a promise that I would be Home Tonight I decided to Draw the Line with her, negotiating. I Wanna Know Why, she said to her. Critical Mass had been reached. I couldn’t Get It Up for some reason In the place known as Bright Light Fright’s She was the Kings and I was the Queens, My The Hand That Feeds was now on the other end, A Sight for Sore Eyes so to say. I tried to Milk Cow Blues, And to No Surprize, Nothing came out of My Pretty Chiquita. that night, I Remember in my dream, (Walking in the Sand), I had a craving at 2 for a slice or two of Cheese Cake. The Three Mile Smile ran for a mile, but the Reefer Head Woman made the Cheese Cake better in that diner which I escaped to that morning, from a man that we called the (Bone to Bone) Coney Island White Fish Boy. He told me to Think About It Before I returned back to mi Mia. There I was, as useless as a Jailbait after being left under a tree after a Lightning Strikes A Bitches Brew made me forget all of that. What the F is a Bolivian Ragamuffin my stoned ass wondered. Joanie's Butterfly, she made me Cry Me a River, when she came in while I was going through a real Rock in a Hard Place (Cheshire Cat) moment. The Jig Is Up, The one behind the counter said. I gave him my dough but what happened next was my typical Push Comes to Shove. Got home, Turned it to 10, and Let the Music Do the Talking, let my landlord know that it was either up to ten or My Fist Your Face, bro, had to convince him with the bro. Shame on You, my conscious let me know, even in that moment. Home is home, and that’s what my mom said that The Reason a Dog, whom I had named Shela at the mere age of 13. I slipped on my Gypsy Boots, Just to bring -Shela- She's on Fire, Walking me instead of me walking her. The Hop was the new walk, Darkness for my heart was just doing laps, My Heart's Done Time, For the Magic Touch That put me on top of my rock was the Rag Doll Which I left my Simoriah to name it after it. The Dude (Looks Like a Lady), St. John told me that it was common, and that a Hangman Jury wasn’t to become of me. For a Girl Keeps Coming Apart, She was now my, Angel Set on a Permanent Vacation. I'm Down with popcorn and a The Movie, the backseat of a lover’s car, The Movie with Robin Williams with Time not on his side. Young Lust was just F.I.N.E, until I started going down 27th street, building on the left, Going Down to the basement for a pair of new chucks. Love in an Elevator with the stewardess, Monkey on My Back no more, But my sister Janie's went out and Got a Gun. Put him on The Other Side, no man should have treated her that way, Especially if they were My Girl Sibling. She Don't Get Mad, she Get Even. My Hoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Man, or so I called him, I told him to give me What It Takes. It’s half past (Intro) the time that we give what Eat the Rich need, which is to Get a Grip, They get a Fever, good for pay for the day. If I get a Fever, I’ll be Livin' on the Edge. I’ll donate my Flesh When I Walk On Down to the county donation center. (CONT... Most YouTube allows me to type. Add me on facebook! "Jaimee Andrea Baumgardner" Keep It Casual!

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