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The Beatles- A Story Made With Every Song Title

Has every Beatles title with the title of the song in the song as a word in a story that I wrote! The Evolution of the Beatles! (part of a "classic rock song story" series) Please check out my channel and watch the other "Band Songs" Aerosmith- Van Halen- The Rolling Stones Coming Soon! My channel- The beginning of the script: When I walked out of my front door, I Saw Her Standing There. I was in Misery that day, Her name was Anna (Go to Him) My Chains were slipping As the Boys came over to my place. They Ask Me Why the long face which I held that day. Please Please Me, I told them. They told me to Love Me Do But no no no, they didn’t include a P.S. I Love You on that note . Baby It's You, I said to her. She asked me something, whispered into my ear, Do You Want to Know a Secret? A Taste of Honey among your lips will cure your sore throat. And if my lips don’t do the trick, There's a Place downtown called a Hospital. Twist and Shout and they’ll lock you up. It Won't Be Long, I’ll bring you home in your straightjacket. All I've Got to Do is give you All My Loving. After that, Please Don't Bother Me. The Little Child down the street will be all alone, Till There Was You when you moved in. Please Mister Postman, my address has changed. Roll Over Beethoven, I’m more talented than you. Hold Me Tight like my date to homecoming all those years ago. She (You) Really Got a Hold on Me, resting her head on my shoulder. I Wanna Be Your Man, I told her. You don’t want me, because she said that there was a Devil in Her Heart. I kissed her once, but Not a Second Time. I collected my Money (That's What I Want) and asked her, I Want to Hold Your Hand. This Teenage Boy tried to cut in, But From Me to You, I said to him, She Loves You but I’m her date for the evening and customs show that You Can't Do That. I'll Get You messed up, I promise. If I Fell, my aging grandmother asked as I was (I'm) Happy Just to Dance with You. And I told her I Love Her. Tell Me Why the world is the way it is. Well, you can rent a girl, but you Can't Buy Me Love Any Time at All, night or day. Because I'll Cry Instead. I took notes on the Things We Said Today, So that When I Get Home, I wouldn’t have to say that I'll Be Back And Slow Down on my intake. Open the Matchbox And Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand" ("I Want to Hold Your Hand" sung in German) I got No Reply to my texts. I thought, I'm a Loser. I put all my Baby's in Black for a day filled with Rock and Roll Music, (I'll) Follow the Sun, back to my place And watch Mr. Moonlight In this Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey One day this week, after all, there’s two Saturday’s for me, so that’s Eight Days a Week. I whispered Words of Love To my Honey and I told her, Don't Think that Every Little Thing is because of me Because I Don't Want to Spoil the Party that we’re at. It’s as simple as that. What You're Doing, Baby, is none of my concern. Now listen, i can’t help Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby But what I can tell you is that if She's a Woman, Then I Feel Fine with her hands in my pockets. If I don’t like it, I say to her, You Like Me Too Much. She may call me a Bad Boy But ,Yes It Is. I met Dizzy Miss Lizzy at the asylum When I was there. “Tell Me What You See”, I asked her. Help! She screeched Because The Night Before, She (You've) Got to Hide and throw Your Love Away I Need You to listen carefully. Another Girl came into my life, she was full blown Psychic. You're Going to Lose That Girl, she told me. I paid to have a Ticket to Ride And she told me to just Act Naturally. She told me, It's Only Love, and I've Just Seen a Face like you many times before. Yesterday, I got up to see the sunrise and to Drive My Car Through the Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) You Won't See Me for another week While I take a break and shred all evidence, I’ll be a Nowhere Man. Just Think for Yourself, The Word will guide you. Michelle, I said to her, What Goes On in my previous life, Like the Girl I used to be with, I'm Looking Through You now. In My Life, I’ve Wait (ed) for you. If I Needed Someone at any point in my life, It’s Now. Run for Your Life If you can, because you get all my baggage. I'm Only Sleeping because I’ve just had a busy life. Dr. Robert prescribed me Medication Yesterday. Instructions were made by him to Act Naturally. Stay in bed, And Your Bird Can Sing for you, your head will be slop. And as always, Keep It Casual! ~Jaimee

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