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How to be yourself

 If you haven't noticed what all my channels are about, the main idea is that you should be yourself and that nobody should be able to tell you differently. There are lots of people out there that want to do something different, but are afraid of what their "friends" will think and tell them to do. I gave up that sellout a long time ago people, am I a philosopher? No. I have beliefs and i ain't afraid to show it! I'm unique and i show it, I'm unique and i show it, I love antique and i really show that! I love my style and i love my music, guess what? I love it and i show it!

 You want to be yourself, however you aren't sure how to do this. Let me first assure you that you are not alone, many people struggle with this and really want to go outside with what society considers "normal". In order to do what you want to do, it may be already what everyone else is already doing. However the only real tip you need is "always be yourself and never feel unappreciated for being what you want to be, it's your body so do what you want to do with it!

 You were put on this earth to be just like everyone else, right?


Don't be afraid to express yourselves and do what you want with your body. Don't rely on other peoples thoughts to serve how you live


The new pair of shoes somebody has on that just came out in the market DOESN'T have to be your new pair of shoes, we don't all have to be identical and have THE EXACT SAME LIKES AND DISLIKES!!! This relates to the theme park theory; if everyone in the world liked the same types of rides, there would be more of the same rides and the lines would be longer, the more things would be in the world and the higher the demand would go up.

 The "ideal society" and the "american dream" can have different opinions depending on the person. We all have different viewpoints and we should be proud of our uniqueness. If we all liked the same types of music, the world would be boring. If we all liked the same type of shoes, the world would be boring. If we all di well in school and succeeded to college and got a diploma from college, we would be boring but rich, however the demand for high-end jobs would be EXTREMELY demanding and more people would likely be on the sreets and not have a clue as to how to find a job or make money seeing as everyone else is asking for money on the streets and the people that had jobs would prob get less money because the USA would be even broker than ever and nobody would ave money.

 When you were a little kid, you were told that boys have short hair and girls have long hair, boys wear blue and girls wear pink, boys like trucks and girls like barbies/princesses. How much of that is true, at a young age you just go with it and you don't know why, just because mom says so. As you age, you learn that people judge you after EVERYTHING you DO, SAY, WEAR, OR LOOK LIKE. Walk away form this, you can question, "hey, i like pink and i'm a boy, its okay!". You can get in trouble for saying these things, the opposite of what your "supposed" to look like or do, but the thing is, we LIVE off what people say and generally do it. That doesn't fly for me! I feel as i should be doing as i feel when i feel and wear my hair as i please, as long as i want it, as big as i want it, the clothes type, brand and way i wear it, my shoes, it's all my stuff and under my control, not someone who doesn't agree with me and i'm "supposed" to go out and do what they say lol? If you ask me really, they have no place to be judging me or telling me to do something to change it or to appeal to them because they see you as not normal and in their line of site, NO. JUST NO.

 This is a meme i made to express exactly this point!/photo.php?fbid=400007923389695&set=a.205644222826067.49523.167615376628952&type=1&theater

 Your parents told you that you should be yourself, but are you really following their orders? most likely no. Thismay be the most used line from parents "just be yourself", do what they told you to do and you will be happy :)

 If you really want to strive to be all you can be and do all you can do, it may take a bit of work, like having to write this in order to get adsence to review this website and so i can get paid for my videos. Dare to be yourself, find yourself if you haven't yet, it can be quite fun. How much more should i write?  really don't want to be writting this down because i'm more of an oral person and would much rather like to express this thru a video and in a vlogging style. it's really so hard to see someone for their true identity, but if you find yourself and your friends and parents don't like or agree with it, you know they're really not real. If your parents todyo to be yourself and you've finally found yourself but your parents don't like it, well they are kinda sad. If your friends don't like the "new" you, they aren't your real friends, your real friends will like you for who you are.

 Must i go on? My new style is getting in the way of others! I'm not even sure if i even like it anymore and it might look better in the future, ut i on't like it right now, so i'm gonna go back to my "original" self and conform to society again. NO! NEVER think this! The more you think about this, the more you might actually end up doing so!






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